Steve Harvey: Failure is a great teacher


(CBS News) - The thrice-married Steve Harvey may not be a relationship expert, but he says he's uniquely qualified to offer advice to women about men.

"Failure is a wonderful teacher," Harvey said Monday on "CBS This Morning." "I've failed enough times to know how to get it right. I know all the mistakes I made, and I know all the mistakes women allowed me to make. And I put them in a book for you."

The actor, comedian, radio host and author dabbles in many things, but he says, he's an expert in being a man. "People got to put labels on everything, so they've come up with this, 'he's a relationship expert.' No guy is a relationship expert," Harvey said.

Harvey is the executive producer of a new movie based on his best-selling book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." In the book, Harvey lets women into the mindset of a man, and offers some insight on ideas like the "90 Day Rule."

"I worked for a company where you had to be there 90 days to partake in benefits. ... You get benefits after you've proven yourself for 90 days," Harvey said. "A woman, who has the greatest benefit package of them all should wait 90 days before they start passing out benefits."

But in today's world, is 90 days out of touch?

"Ninety days is nothing when you're talking about a relationship," Harvey said. "But if you're trying to have some 'hit it and quit it' relationships, knock it down to 9 days and you can be as successful as you've already been. ... You can do one-night stands and those relationships don't hardly ever last, so what's wrong, it's only three months."

Harvey said he wrote the book for his four daughters. "I'm a dad, and I've done everything in this book, and buddy, it really does work."