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Steps for Relieving Foot Pain

Almost half of all Americans say they suffer from some kind of foot pain. But in many cases, taking some simple steps can alleviate the problem.

Dr. Les Glubo of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association visited The Early Show June 6 to talk about relief for foot pain, which is often the result of everyday activities.

"In a given day, the activity that a person's going to engage in, of course, depending on the work they're going to do, the lifestyle they lead, and exercising, will put tremendous stress and strain on their feet," Glubo says.

Sometimes, foot pain can be avoided by doing some smart shoe shopping. "Very often, when a person is going to purchase shoes, they look more for the style of the shoe than they will for the comfort," he says.

The Early Show's Jane Clayson showed Glubo a few shoes from her closet. He pointed to a pair of high heeled, pointy-toed shoes as especially unfriendly to feet. He called them "sitting down shoes."

"The unstableness of this heel makes it very difficult for somebody to be active in," he said.

With 26 bones in each human foot--about one-eighth of all the body's bones-- the foot is a complex structure, Glubo says, and a lot can go wrong if they are not cared for.

Bunions, a protrusion of the foot bone called the first metatarsal, are one painful foot problem that often results in joint pain. A bunionectomy is a procedure reserved for only the most severe cases, Glubo says.

Heel pain, a more common complaint, can be remedied with cushioned heel supports and more shock-absorbing shoes. Corns, calluses and heel spurs are other conditions that a lot of people suffer from, but Glubo says can be easily taken care of.

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