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Stephen Paea sets NFL combine bench press record

(CBS/AP) Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea set an NFL Scouting Combine record by bench pressing 225 pounds 49 times.

Yes, you read that correctly - 49 times. Watch the feat below:

Paea, who was born in New Zealand and grew up in Tonga, wanted at least one more repetition.

"The only thing my body can do is bench and interview, so I might as well do my best on the bench," Paea said. "I feel like I did OK. I didn't do great. My goal was 50, and I was a little bit mad at myself after."

Paea,'s fourth-ranked DT and 36th-ranked overall prospect, broke a record of 45 that was last achieved by Arkansas guard Mitch Pietrus in 2010.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the feat is listening to Paea's spotter, Arizona Cardinals strength and conditioning coach John Lott.

After announcing "we got a live one!" at the start, Lott gently encourages the DT with whispers of "good job, son... that's it son...' Finally, Lott's intensity grows with every lift, culminating with a "Let's go to work!" - after rep number 43. C'mon Paea, you've only done 43, let's really start working now!

"I feel like I'm blessed today," Paea said. "Coming into the combine I didn't even know the record until they made a big deal out of it."

The second-best defensive lineman, North Carolina's Marvin Austin, finished with 38 repetitions.