Man on stepson's surprise move to change name on jersey: "It took my voice away"

Football player surprises his step-dad

Birmingham, Alabama — Earlier this month, a senior offensive lineman pulled off one of the most memorable moments in Samford football history — a sneak play — that his stepdad, especially, never saw coming. His stepdad told CBS News, "It took my voice away."   

Senior offensive lineman George Grimwade, who is 6-foot-8-inches tall and weighs 310 pounds, is a dominating force on the Samford Bulldog football team at a small University near Birmingham, Alabama. Over the last four years, the name Grimwade has become synonymous with muscle and might. 

But this story will surely change that.

"George is a kind person and he's proven that through life many, many times," said Michael Musto, George's stepdad.

He married George's mom, Michelle, when George was in 5th grade and the two have gotten along famously ever since. Until Michael came along, George never had a regular male presence in his life. So they bonded, over football especially.

George and Michael Photography by Galina Vitols

"It's just how we've always communicated. You know, through sports," George said.

The surprise play George pulled off earlier this month was certified by a court, designed by a seam ripper, needle and thread, and executed by number 76, himself.

"I jogged over to my dad. And my dad goes, 'What are you doing?'" George said.

"He's got some papers in his hand and I don't know what he's doing," Michael said.

George had gotten his last name changed, and made sure his jersey would match.

"I saw my name on that jersey. It was like, wow, this kid really loves me. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. It took my voice away. He's just the best," Michael said.

For a stepdad, it's hard to imagine a higher honor. For a football player, it's hard to imagine a greater show of strength because George didn't just change the letters on his jersey. He put his heart on his sleeve.

George surprised his step-dad Michael Musto by changing his last name. Samford Football

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