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Step Three

Step 3: Child-proof the Stairs
Kids love to test boundaries and openings. Stairs are fun to play on, and unfortunately, easy to fall from.

A safety gate is highly recommended at one or both ends of the staircase, depending on where the child will be. They attach to the banister or railpost of the stairs, and often can swing open on hinges for adult access. If you don't have a safety gate, improvise one with a firmly stationed mattress or a table pushed over onto its side.

  • For an inexpensive and portable method of securing the staircase, purchase some basic three-foot plastic mesh, available at most hardware stores.
  • Attach it to the stair banister with plastic ties, metal wire, or twine.
  • If you have a deck or balcony in your home, check that the railings are close enough together to prevent a small child from slipping through. If they aren't, childproof the railings with three-foot high plastic mesh. You can tie it to the inside of the railings with some strong twine. For a more permanent measure, staple the mesh in place with heavy staples and a staple gun.

Keep pillows out of an infant's crib.

Tots love the way video tapes disappear into the VCR. Keep an eye out to make sure nothing else disappear into it.

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