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Step Three

Step 3: Try Some Other Relaxation Techniques

  • Temple massage: Using both thumbs, press on each eyebrow, starting at the nose. Exert light and steady pressure, moving outward slowly to the ear.

    Stop every ¼ inch, and stay on that point for about 15 seconds. Then use four fingers on each hand to continue the process, running back from the ear to nostrils.

  • Riverbed Visualization: In bed with your eyes closed, imagine that you are lying in the warm sand next to a quickly flowing river. Fragrant flowers bend in the breeze nearby. Lean over and pick one, and wrap one of your worries in the petals, and place the flower out into the current. Watch and listen as it floats away.

  • Eye Pillows: These are soft, weighted bags which place even and gentle pressure on your forehead and eyes. They help the facial muscles release tension.

    See Tips for direction on how to make one of your own.

  • Keep Your Eyes Still. Next time you're thinking hard instead of sleeping, notice what your eyes are doing. According to some experts, there's a relationship between restless eye movements and restless thinking. As your eye movements quiet down, so does your mind. And as your mind quiets down, your chances for restful sleep improve.

Establish a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it. Don't stay up for that great late night movie - just tape it.

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