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Step Seven

Hold back the email tide.
Oh, remember the days when email was a novelty, when you were delighted to get a surprise message from an unknown company, even if you didn't want to take advantage of their special offer. Those days are gone for many of us, and unwanted mailing lists and spam (unsolicited sales offers) clog the In box. Here's a systematic way of keeping your computer clear of this nuisance information.

  • Create a spam folder: As soon as you get an unwanted mass-mailed message, put it in the spam folder that you create in your email program or on your computer's desktop. Don't let the spam take you away from your work at hand.
  • Clean-up: When you're in the mood for some computer house-cleaning, go through each email, hitting the reply button on your email program. Type in your and the company's email addresses, and type, in the Subject heading: "Remove my name, please."
  • Short and sweet: Write a short, polite, and unmistakably clear message. Something like, "Please don't send any email to me. Thanks, Jane Q. Public."

Save it: Use the same message if you receive another email from the same source. Type "Second Request" in addition on the subject heading.

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