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Step One

Step 1: Connect the Components

Place the components (not the speakers) on a sturdy shelf or in a stereo rack. If placed on top of one another, make sure that the vents of each piece are not covered, and hopefully have at least 1/2" of room to "breathe." Keep it all unplugged for the moment.

  • On the back of the CD player, fit one end of one cable (supplied with the unit) over the connection marked "right," follow that cable with your fingers, and find the other end. On the back of the receiver, there will be an area marked "CD" or "CD Player." Fit the other end of the cable over the connection marked "right". Repeat with the other cable, and the "left" connections.

On the back of the tape deck, you'll find four connections: a left and right for both the "in" (or "record") section, and the "out" (or "play") section. Your receiver will have a matching set of connections, but there may be room for more than one tape deck. It may appear as if there are more connections than you know what to do with, but look closely, and you'll see that it's probably marked "tape 1" and "tape 2". Each of those sections has only four connectors, just like the tape deck.

  • Take one cable (supplied with the unit), and follow it with your fingers to find the other end (sometimes the cables are color coded for ease).

    Place one end over the "right" connection of the "out" (or "play") section of the tape deck. Place the other end of the cable over the connection marked "right" in the "out" (or "play") section of the "tape 1" area on the back of the receiver. Repeat with the "left" connectors.

    Now do the same with the "right" and "left" connections of the "in" (or "record") sections. Remember to keep within the "tape 1" area. That's four total connections on each side of the cable.

If you have a turntable, you'll cable it to the connectors in the "phono" section of the receiver. The procedure is the same as the CD player. Make sure that "right" goes to "right" and "left" to "left." On some turntables, the cables are permanently attached, and the ends that connect with the receiver are labeled.

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