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Step Four

Step 4: Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol Intake
Coffee and caffeinated tea are great quick-fixes for drowsiness, but they also keep you awake and upset your body's natural balance.

Likewise, alcohol will make you drowsy, but only temporarily. At least make an attempt to cut back, and don't have either after dinner.

Avoid Relying on "the Old Swig" Method or any other temporary supplement to aid your sleep: your body should be able to accomplish this job on its own.

Consuming a lot of alcohol might put you to sleep, but it won't be the good-quality rest that your body needs.

Be careful about exercising just before going to bed. A short burst of intense exercise, e.g. doing thirty push-ups, can help you fall asleep. But extended, gradual exercise like a twenty-minute walk can release those natural stimulants which will keep you up.

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