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Step Five

Step 5: Child-Proof the Bathroom
Like the kitchen, the bathroom has slippery surfaces and dangerous materials requiring attention.

  • Be sure to lock (or tightly tie off) any cabinets, and move to higher ground any colorful and sweet-smelling soaps or shampoos.
  • Even adults can fall in the tub. For the whole household's safety, lay down a rubber no-slip mat or no-slip stickers on the floor of the tub. For optimum sticking strength, clean the tub surface thoroughly beforehand.
  • Lock all medicine cabinets, even if they seem out of reach. Children can improve their climbing skills on a day-to-day basis. Locks for sliding cabinets are available at hardware stores.
  • Pad the bathtub water spout with a store-bought cover. Create your own with flexible rubber hosing: slit it part way down the middle to get it on, and secure it with ring clamps or nylon line.
  • Install an anti-scald valve. These valves attach to most faucets and shower heads, and they prevent water from reaching a dangerously high temperature. Hot water that feels fine to adults can burn an infant.

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