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Step 2: Choose Your Method

Step 2: Choose Your Method

To evaluate whether you need to repot or pot on, you need to remove the plant from its present home. Once it's out of the pot, examine the root system.

  • Is it time for potting on? If the roots have poked past the potting mixture, have collected or begun to spiral, it has become potbound. You need a larger pot.
  • If none of these symptoms are present, take the repotting option. Use the same pot.

Caution: Don't repot or pot on just after the growing season, because the roots won't tap the new soil and old roots may rot. Also, if the plant is unhealthy, don't replant it -- that may be too great a shock for it.


Do several plants at a time, as long as you're making a mess. If removing (ouch) a cactus from a pot, cover it with a piece of paper first to protect your hands.

For brand-new pots: Ceramic pots are porous, meaning they will allow water through if untreated. They need to be waterlogged before
they'll hold water. So, submerge the pot and watch for tiny air bubbles to rise to the surface. When the bubbles stop rising, your pot is ready.

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