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Step 1: Remove The Original Pot

Step 1: Remove The Original Pot

For smaller pots:

  • Lightly tap the sides of the pot. Then place the palm of your hand on the root ball (the root system and soil), holding the main stems between your fingers.
  • Stand, sit, or kneel over the newspaper. Holding the root ball so that nothing slips through, turn the plant upside down and tap on the sides and bottom of the pot.
  • The plant should slip smoothly from its former home into your cupped hand.

For larger pots:

  • Insert a flat stick or blunt knife between the pot and the soil and work it around the circumference of the pot.
  • While holding the plant with one hand, lay it on its side and tap a bit more firmly as you rotate the pot. If it's sticky, use a wooden block to tap the exterior of the pot, to dislodge the root ball from the pot.

When you're sure the plant is loose, slide it out slowly from the pot onto the newspaper you've laid out.


Potbound: describes a plant in need of potting on: the roots have poked past the potting mixture, have collected or begun to spiral.

Root ball: the root system and the soil it lives in.

Topdressing: the removal of a few inches of old topsoil, and its replacement with fresh potting material.

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