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Stealer's Remorse: Thief returns credit card, apologizes

HINGHAM, Mass. -  A Massachusetts woman whose credit card was stolen didn’t even know it was missing until the thief returned it to her – in person.

CBS Boston  reports the man had stolen the credit card from a woman while she was shopping earlier that day at a boutique shopping center in Hingham, on Boston’s south shore, and then used it to buy a $200 gift card.

The gift card, he said, he planned to use to buy Christmas presents.

According to CBS Boston, when the thief showed up at his victim’s door he also gave her the gift card, and apologized.

“Sometimes if a criminal has a change of heart, it’s one thing to throw it away or not use it or even in rare cases, to just mail it back, but to drive it back to their house is very rare,” Sgt. Steven Dearth told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

The woman told police she does not want to pursue charges.

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