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Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of the Union on Jan. 29

Most diverse Congress ever sworn in
Most diverse Congress ever sworn in 02:59

After recapturing the speaker's gavel, Nancy Pelosi has invited President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address on Jan. 29. 

"The Constitution established the legislative, executive and judicial branches as co-equal branches of government, to be a check and balance on each other. The Constitution also calls for the President to 'from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,'" Pelosi wrote in her invitation to the president Thursday night. 

This would be the president's second official State of the Union speech, in addition to an address to a joint session of Congress shortly after his inauguration in 2017. His 2019 address will be his first to a Democratic-controlled chamber, and Pelosi will be seated behind him on the House dais.

Strong disagreements between Mr. Trump and congressional Democrats over the president's unwavering $5 billion demand for border wall funding have fueled an impasse in budget negotiations on Capitol Hill. The partial government shutdown reached its 13th day on Thursday. 

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