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State-By-State Stimulus Job Creation Estimates

4793929With President Obama poised to sign the $787 billion economic stimulus package into law this afternoon, the White House has released its estimates of how many jobs the package will create in each state.

The big winner appears to be California, which the White House says will see a "jobs impact" of 396,000. (The state sure could use the help.) Texas (with 269,000 jobs predicted), New York (with 215,000 jobs predicted) and Florida (with 206,000 jobs predicted) also fare well.

Less populous states see far less impact: Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming are each only predicted to see a "jobs impact" of 8,000. To see how your state fares in the estimates, click here. (PDF)

The White House also broke down the jobs numbers by Congressional district. In addition, it put out fact sheets on the bill's impact on education, energy, health care and infrustructure, as well as its overview of the bill and estimates of its impact on working families. (All docs PDF.)

You can also click here for's breakdown of where the stimulus money will go.
If you're curious about the state-by-state breakdown of infrastructure spending, meanwhile, the Associated Press has you covered: Check out how much each state is getting for projects like fixing highways and public transit below.

State Infrastructure (in dollars)
Ala. 603,871,807
Alaska 240,495,117
Ariz. 648,928,995
Ark. 405,531,459
Calif. 3,917,656,769
Colo. 538,669,174
Conn. 487,480,166
Del. 158,666,838
D.C. 267,617,455
Fla. 1,794,913,566
Ga. 1,141,255,941
Hawaii 199,866,172
Idaho 219,528,313
Ill. 1,579,965,373
Ind. 836,483,568
Iowa 447,563,924
Kansas 413,837,382
Ky. 521,153,404
La. 538,575,876
Maine 174,285,111
Md. 704,863,248
Mass. 890,333,825
Mich. 1,150,282,308
Minn. 668,242,481
Miss. 415,257,720
Mo. 830,647,063
Mont. 246,599,815
Neb. 278,897,762
Nev. 270,010,945
N.H. 181,678,856
N.J. 1,335,784,100
N.M. 299,589,086
N.Y. 2,774,508,711
N.C. 909,397,136
N.D. 200,318,301
Ohio 1,335,600,553
Okla. 535,407,908
Ore. 453,788,475
Pa. 1,525,011,979
R.I. 192,902,023
S.C. 544,291,398
S.D. 213,511,174
Tenn. 701,516,776
Texas 2,803,249,599
Utah 292,231,904
Vt. 150,666,577
Va. 890,584,959
Wash. 739,283,923
W. Va. 290,479,108
Wisc. 716,457,120
Wyo. 186,111,170
U.S. Territories 238,045,760
Total 38,101,898,173