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Starting the Sex Talk


(CBS) Sex, for many parents, isn't one of the easiest topics to talk about with their kids. In fact, having The Sex Talk, is probably one of the things most parents would opt to avoid, if given the chance. But does talking to your kids about sex really have to be dreaded?

Absolutely not, according to Amber Madison, author of Talking Sex With Your Kids.

Madison sat down with "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill in this week's "Eye on Parenting" webshow series to talk about healthy ways to talk about sex with your kids. She says one of the most important things parents should realize is that talking about sex isn't one conversation -- but many -- throughout a child's life.

She explained, "You want to talk to your kids about sex in many different conversations along the way, because it's so complex, you can't cover it all in one talk. And that's horrible...No one wants the one sit-down hash-it-all-out conversation about sex."

But how should you go about talking to your kid?

Madison says creating an open dialogue about sex is key. Click on the video below for Madison's suggestions for parents of kids of all ages.  

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