Stars' Sons Make Own Names on Field

Nick Montana
Nick Montana, son of legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, plays football at Oaks Christian High School near Los Angeles. The sons of hockey leged Wayne Gretzky and actor Will Smith are among his teammates.

After winning a playoff game this weekend, California's Oaks Christian High School football team remains undefeated - and one win away from playing for the state championship. And for three of the team's stars, success runs in the family, as CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports.

Friday nights across the country: Cheerleaders take the field, fans pack the stands, lights come up and the game begins.

But the gridiron at Oaks Christian High School in suburban L.A. has extra red carpet appeal. The team has a quarterback named Montana and a backup quarterback named Gretzky - offspring of some of the greatest athletes in American history, legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana and NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky. But you'd never know it to talk to them.

"Out on the practice field with my teammates everything's even and we're all the same," said Nick Montana, "We're just a bunch of kids having fun and playing football."

"A lot of the kids I don't think remember who Joe Montana was, which we remind joe all the time," said Oaks Christian football coach Bill Redell. "Same thing with Wayne Gretzky."

If the teenagers don't remember them from their highlight reels they recognize them in the stands - regular fixtures at their sons' games, trying to blend in with parents who don't have Super Bowl rings and Stanley Cups.

"He's pretty low-key," Trevor Gretzky said of his father. "He doesn't like the attention and all that, he just likes to come and watch me play."

The talent might be genetic, but their parents say the drive is self-imposed.

I don't think he feels the pressure of being Wayne Gretzky's son when it comes to succeeding," said the younger Gretzky's mother, Janet Jones. "I think he puts pressure on himself."

They're not just famous - they're good. The 10-year-old football program boasts a stellar record: 11 losses, one tie, and nearly 120 victories. And this year, as always, they're headed to the playoffs.

"This football team is one of the better ones in the 10 years," Redell said.

And if the Montana/Gretzky star power isn't blinding enough, check out #6. He's the son of actor Will Smith, who can be spotted most Friday nights.

"It's really cool, like knowing he's there and knowing he's supporting me," said Trey Smith. "He comes to every single game, so it really helps."

Of course, sometimes Hollywood interferes. When CBS News visited, Trey's mom stood in for Will, who was shooting a movie in China.

"I think Trey is used to it," said mother Sheree Fletcher. "His dad is pretty famous and he's been famous for a long time. I mean ever since trey was born, will has been famous."

But on Friday nights the spotlight is on young stars making their own name on the football field.