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Stars React to Golden Globe Nominations

What were the stars saying and doing when their names were called as Golden Globe nominees?

Read the stars' reactions to nominations for the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards, announced Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif:

•"The biggest effort is figuring out what to wear. If I could go in a lovely pair of black pajamas, I'd be really happy." - Glenn Close, nominated for best dramatic actress for her role in TV's "Damages."

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•"The light of my dream is still on and it's really shining bright today." - Marion Cotillard, nominated for best actress, musical or comedy, for "Nine."

•"I think we might have a pint of Guinness in honor of (director) Jim (Sheridan) and his great piece of work." - U2's The Edge on how the band plans to celebrate its original-song nomination for "Winter" from Sheridan's film "Brothers."

•"Thank you very much to the Hollywood Foreign Press for making my mum cry in the grocery store. I'm honored and completely speechless." - Carey Mulligan, nominated for best dramatic actress for "An Education."

•"I had no expectation about getting a nomination, but I was watching nonetheless. My wife and my son got really excited. I was sort of surprised - I was like, `Oh, wow.' And I couldn't hear the latter part of my name." - Tobey Maguire, nominated for best dramatic actor for "Brothers."

•"Clearly, we made it to win a Golden Globe, so it's all worked out perfectly." - Director Todd Phillips on "The Hangover" being nominated for best picture, comedy or musical.

•"I never in a million years could have even hoped for this ... Me going to the Golden Globes is definitely a little-girl dream." - Terri Tatchell, co-writer of nominated screenplay "District 9."

•"The character in this film is a bipolar person, so finally I realized that - and it took awhile - that if he's bipolar it means the way he sees the world and the way he projects himself to the world are two very different things. And so I decided that the music would be the character in him that is really the part that people don't see but it's the part that he's thinking. ... It's almost a bipolar score if you know what I'm saying. And that's what I was trying to achieve." - Marvin Hamlisch, nominated for best original film score for "The Informant!"

•"I'm watching it with my roommates, with my manager and all these people, and we're watching at the same time, and we all jumped. Well, I jumped, certainly, because Justin Timberlake said my name. It's not just that I'm excited because he said my name, but I love that he said my name in the context of me possibly winning an award for this movie." - Gabourey Sidibe, nominated for dramatic actress for her role in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire."

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•"It's an extraordinarily emotional moment for me. It's great to be the producer of this kind of movie and sort of share in its success and the goodwill that comes with it, but as a parent, it's kind of this remarkable emotional moment that's kind of hard to describe. There's just so much pride in it, way more pride than if I'd sort of done [it]all this myself." - Ivan Reitman, producer of best dramatic picture nominee "Up in the Air" and father of its nominated director and screenwriter, Jason Reitman.

•"We're waxing up our lederhosen already. We hear that's what you wear. Because it's foreign press. Right? So you wear, you dress, as your favorite nationality." - Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the co-writers and co-directors of "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," nominated for best animated film.

•"Maybe this year CBS or Fox will give me a new car. Didn't they do that with all the 'Will and Grace' people once?" - Neil Patrick Harris, nominated for supporting actor, series, miniseries or movie for "How I Met Your Mother."

•"I did notice Sir Paul McCartney was in there. Isn't that right? And U2? It's a formidable group. I would say we have to be the underdog in that group." - T Bone Burnett, nominated for original song for "The Weary Kind" from "Crazy Heart."

•"It's a little early for a glass of champagne, so I'm still working on the coffee." - Mark Boal, nominated for his screenplay for "The Hurt Locker."

•"I was asleep because I have, in the past, watched the awards nominees and not heard the movie I've done announced and then, you know, it's not fun. So I thought this time, I bet my phone will ring if we get one, so that was the truth. I didn't wake up, and my phone rang! It was exciting! And it did not stop ringing, so that was really great." - Nancy Meyers, nominated for her screenplay for "It's Complicated," which is also up for best picture, comedy or musical.

•"I'm an idiot ... I had a couple of drinks last night and forgot it was this morning. I was running late. I was in the shower. I was wondering why the phone kept ringing, and then I went, 'Oh my God. I know why the phone is ringing!"' - David Shore, executive producer of Fox's "House," which was nominated for best drama series.

•"There's nothing as exciting as watching live TV and not knowing if your name is going to be called out. It's an overwhelming rush." - Jason Reitman, nominated for best director and best screenplay for "Up in the Air."

•"Playing (Nelson) Mandela was the greatest honor of my career, and I hope that I have done him proud." - Morgan Freeman, nominated for dramatic actor for "Invictus."

Entertainment Writers John Rogers, Derrik J. Lang and Sandy Cohen in Los Angeles and Jake Coyle in New York contributed to this report.

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