Starbucks Strikes Deal With "SNL"

"Saturday Night Live," which has made a living poking convention and corporate America in the eye, is cozying up with Starbucks.

The show's "The Best of '06/'07" DVD will only be available for sale at the giant coffee chain.

"The world where you went to a store and bought a DVD, those stores are not there anymore," "SNL" creator-producer Lorne Michaels told The Associated Press, adding that Starbucks does "a really good job of marketing" CDs and DVDs.

"As long as the show itself is good, I'm perfectly happy however it comes out," he said.

Starbucks draws 40 million customers a week into its 14,000 worldwide locations, said Ken Lombard, president of Starbucks Entertainment.

The "SNL" DVD features "standout performances or great moments" from the past season, Michaels said, along with backstage footage and cast commentaries.

"Last season was one of my favorite seasons ever in the series," Michaels said. "I really love this cast and they seem to genuinely care about each other and root for each other, and that shows up on screen."

The DVD will be available starting Tuesday. The 33rd season of "SNL" premieres Sept. 29, with host LeBron James and musical guest Amy Winehouse, Michaels said. Seth Rogen is set to host the following week, with musical guest Kanye West.