Starbucks customer confronts employee for allegedly stealing credit card info

A video of a woman confronting a Starbucks employee for allegedly stealing her credit card information on New Year's Day is going viral.

The video shows a woman pulling up to the drive-through window at a Starbucks in California and confronting a young employee for allegedly stealing her credit card info and using it at a grocery store.

The customer informs the employee that they have her on camera spending $212 using her credit card. The customer tells the employee she knows that she made a copy of her card when she pretended to get receipt paper a few days prior.

"You know what you did," the customer tells the employee. "You know what you did, right?"

As the customer continues, the employee begins to profusely apologize. And eventually offers to give the customer $250.

To see the entire confrontation caught on camera, watch the video above.