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'Star Wars' Still No.1

"Star Wars Episode II" continued to orbit in first place as "Spider-Man" continued to have very strong legs in second place.

Early Show Entertainment Contributor Laurie Hibberd reports for Monday's Box Office Plus.

Here's a look at the holiday numbers according to

  • "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" - $61.0+ Million
  • "Spider-Man" - $38.5 Million
  • "Insomnia" - $26.2 Million
  • "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" - $23.3 Million
  • "Enough" - $19.0 Million
J. Lo and the Al Pacino/Robin Williams had their movies opening, but not even the two of those could equal "Star Wars" box office take. The movie is like the new "Titanic," with young teen girls giving the movie to see Hayden Christensen.

"Spider-Man" broke another record by hitting the 300 million mark by Friday and now its total is at 336 million. It's already the No.6 movie of all time and doesn't seem to be slowing down. It will have to beat "Jurassic Park," 357 million first to be in the top five.

"Insomnia" has a lot of intrigue, says Hibberd. People know what the movie is about yet there are a lot of surprises. According to, with "Insomnia," Warner Bros. had their largest Memorial Day weekend in their history. This is also the largest opening for Al Pacino's career. The studio says that the success of their opening confirms that the strategy of counter-programming adult themed movies during the competitive summer season works.

As for J. Lo's "Enough," Hibberd says it is like watching "Sleeping with the Enemy" all over again. But with its estimated $19 million opening, the studio is satisfied with J. Lo's new movie. Her openings show that she is very much in the range of her other successful films, including "Anaconda," "The Cell," and "The Wedding Planner." This movie cost only $40 million to make and if the movies do as well as J. Lo's other movies - it will be a success.

"Spirit" is DreamWorks' follow up to "Shrek," though there is no comparison. "Spirit" is a serious movie about a horse that gets captured. This is a much more down to earth, solid film and kids will love it, especially kids who love horses, says Hibberd. According to, the movie should do even better as schools let out across the country and more of the movie's audience becomes available, which bodes well for the future of the movie. The estimated numbers for the holiday weekend could actually go up with the storm and rainy weather patterns across the country.

Hugh Grant's "About A Boy" was No.4 last week - and dropped to No.6. But it actually made more money than its first week. The movie added more theaters, more screens and people are seeing it. It's already made $22 million. The movie is a British import that cost only $27 million to make - so it's not a bad showing.

Coming up on Weekend Marquee, Hibberd catches up with the director of the latest Tom Clancy thriller "Sum of All Fears," starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman. The director of the movie is Phil Alden Robinson.

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