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St. Louis Blues surprise superfan with championship ring

Hockey is a sport of both skill and violence. But it also requires heart, on and off the ice.

So when St. Louis Blues players Alexander Steen and Colton Parayko paid a visit to the team's most famous fan, Laila Anderson, it was out of gratitude for her unwavering support. 

The 11-year old Missouri native suffers from a rare auto-immune disease. But that didn't stop her from becoming the inspiration for the Blues' Stanley Cup run, during which she revved up the crowd and rallied the team.

But she never could have imagined getting her own championship ring from Steen and Parayko, with more than 300 diamonds and sapphires, her name inscribed inside. 

"That poor guy who's going to propose to you one day," Parayko said.

It's a rare moment when the barrier between athlete and fan disappears. What's revealed is their love for the game and each other. 

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