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When a squirrel stopped this woman for help, she took it seriously and was led to its injured baby

The Pulaski Police Department in Virginia shared a story that you have to see to believe — and luckily, it was caught on camera. A woman walking on a park trail noticed a squirrel was following her. What happened next led her to call the police. 

Tia Powell was in Kiwanis Park when she was "approached by a squirrel," the police department wrote on Facebook. "The squirrel stood in her way on the trail." Powell realized the squirrel wasn't going to harm her — and it was also not going to leave her alone.

Powell told CBS News there was a injured baby squirrel there, too. So, she decided to take the mama seriously when it tugged on her pant leg. 

"I was shocked and speechless and excited because it had never happened before," Powell told CBS News. "I felt bad because I pushed it away the first time instead of just waiting to see. My children and I love animals, so to see it hurt and the mom couldn't help was sad."

Powell moved the injured baby off the path, but the mom still would not leave her alone. "I noticed that they were following me the whole time," she said. "The baby was struggling to walk and the mom kept on going ahead and then coming back." 

She fed the squirrels a sandwich she had with her and watched them try to hop up into a tree. When she realized the baby squirrel was still struggling to get up the tree, she decided to call in backup.

Powell called her friend and the Humane Society, but the Pulaski Police Department arrived. "In their defense, I did sound like a crazy lady saying the squirrels wouldn't let me leave. But they showed up and assisted as much as they could," Powell told CBS News.

Powell didn't know how the baby squirrel got injured, but she thought a nearby stray cat was the culprit. So, the group of rescuers decided to move the squirrels to safer area.

"We were able to get the baby and mother to a different area with more trees and it was able to climb all the way up and they looked very happy," Powell remembered. She went back a few days later to show her kids where it all went down. In the trees, Powell spotted two squirrels staring at her, and couldn't help but wonder if they were the same squirrels she rescued. 

In their Facebook post, the Pulaski Police Department commended Powell, whom they dubbed "The Squirrel Whisperer," for following her instincts and trusting that something was wrong. 

When a squirrel stopped this woman for help, she took it seriously and was lead to its injured baby. The police department responded and posted video of what they saw. Pulaski Police Department
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