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Sports TV exec: Set aside seats for low-income fans

We are just a week away from opening day of baseball season and the players aren't the only ones warming up.

Dennis O'Donnell is sports director of KPIX, the CBS-owned television station in San Francisco where he's watched the baseball business grow over his 30-year career.

As part of his series "The Business of Baseball," CBS Radio's Brian Banmiller asked O'Donnell about covering Bay Area baseball for three decades.

"When I first started going to a baseball game at Candlestick Park, it was fifty cents to get a ticket for the bleachers," O'Donnell said. "I'm not sure how affordable it is for a family of four to go to a certain amount of games."

O'Donnell fears high ticket prices keep some fans away.

"You have to pay for the tickets, you have to pay for the parking and you have to pay for the food. I think that some things should be made a little more affordable so fans can do to the game and enjoy the whole experience," he said.

O'Donnell thinks teams should allocate one section of seats for low-income families, offering them half-price tickets, parking and concession.

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