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Sports teams go head-to-head with "Call Me Maybe" covers

(CBS News) So first there was the Harvard Baseball team doing a fun cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and I laughed, but honestly thought it was just a "one off". Now the SMU Women's Rowing team has joined the fray with their own spin on the original video and I'm thinking we may have something of a trend starting here. Check it out. 

From fists to feet, the ante has definitely been upped. The video was posted by YouTube user creepyskulls1313 who write:

Ball's in your court, Harvard Baseball

So will Harvard Baseball respond to the challenge? Will others join this sports and music mayhem? Only time will tell... but I think this is a game we will all end up winning! Props and a big triple-rainbow salute go out to both Harvard Baseball and SMU Rowing from The Feed for their amazing videos.  And for those who missed the original Harvard Baseball video, I'm including it below.

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