Wash. cops fatally shoot man who crashed through crime scene

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane police shot and killed a man who they say drove through police barricades at the scene of a woman's murder and got out of his truck with what appeared to be a gun.

Police Chief Frank Straub says the man was a suspect in the woman's murder. Her body was found inside a home Tuesday morning. Neighbors told CBS affiliate KREM that the female murder victim was dating the suspect.

Police spokesman Tim Schwering says "what appears to be a firearm" was found next to the man's body after he was shot Tuesday afternoon.

Reporters and photographers had gathered nearby after learning police were investigating a death at the house.

"[People] started yelling, 'get down, get down!'" Henry Sasser, who witnessed the police shooting as he was walking home, told KREM. "When [the suspect] came out [of the car], he was crouched down. He had a grey object in his hand. It was pretty clear it was a handgun of some kind. As soon as officers saw the weapon, they started shooting him."

Police say the Spokane County medical examiner will identify both the man and the woman.

A regional law enforcement team will investigate the man's death.