Spike Lee on "re-interpreting" South Korea's "Oldboy"

Veteran director Spike Lee is packing in the action with his latest film, "Oldboy."

The new mystery thriller is based off of the 2003 South Korean classic of the same name from Chan-wook Park. The original was noted for its brutal fight scenes and fierce depiction of violence, much of which was kept in tact for Lee's adaptation.

While the plot details between the two films are fairly similar, the 56-year-old director recently told CBSNews.com that he doesn't want audiences to see his latest work as just another retread.

"We're not really calling it a remake, we're calling it a re-interpretation," Lee said.

The latest "Oldboy" stars Josh Brolin as Joe Doucette, an alcoholic businessman who gets kidnapped and cryptically held in solitary confinement for two decades. Doucette is suddenly released by his unknown captors and soon must find out who was behind the plot in order to save his daughter.

Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L. Jackson also star.

You can watch video above to hear Lee and Olsen discuss their reasons for wanting to make "Oldboy," and also to hear Lee discuss the possibilities of "Inside Man 2" coming to fruition.

"Oldboy" opens in theaters on Nov. 27.

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