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Sperm Bank IDs Donor Dads

Eighteen years ago, Mary wasn't married, but wanted to have another baby to add to her family. With the help of a donor and The Sperm Bank of California, she was able to become pregnant and gave birth to Christina.

Now all grown up, Christina wanted to meet her sperm donor. The two met this past weekend and were able to answer questions both had wondered about all these years.

Christina says meeting for the first time was, "exciting. It was nerve-racking, I guess, too." She notes she immediately saw similarities in Phillip.

"It was like perfect chemistry, like automatically," she says with a big smile. "We have a lot of the same features, a lot of the same personality traits. We have a lot of the same everything. It's uncanny."

Her mother, Mary, agrees. She tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, "They do have a lot of the same personality traits. The eyes, goodness, it's like looking at her eyes in someone else's face. And they have smiles that are alike. I was amazed because I had seen some pictures of him before we came. To me, he didn't look much like her. But when I see him in person, he does to me. I feel familiar with his face."

So what happens now?

Phillip says, "This is all new territory for both of us. I'm not going to impose myself into her life. But if I'm like a godfather or godparent or something like that, that is just fine with me." Philip has 9-year-old twins and plans to tell them about Christina. He is separated from his wife.

Christina says, "My hopes are to continue our relationship until I grow really old or he grows really old."

About the two forging ahead with a relationship, Mary says, "It's wonderful. I love it. Any kid who can get more love from wherever, I'm all for it. As long as love is healthy, it's wonderful."

No regrets for Christina. She says, "I'm very happy."

The Sperm Bank of California is one of the few sperm banks in the country that provides donor information to their offspring once they turn 18. In 1983, they launched a program called The Sperm Bank's Identity Release Program. This program made it possible for Christina to connect with her sperm donor.