Speeches vs. Solutions

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

LORDSTOWN, OH – Slamming Barack Obama during a campaign stop at a General Motors plant, Hillary Clinton claimed the foundation of his candidacy is built on speeches, not results. "That's the difference between me and my opponent," Clinton said, "I offer solutions. It's one thing to get people excited, I want to empower you to live your dreams so we can all go forward together."

Clinton added, "Now, over the years, you've heard plenty of promises from plenty of people in plenty of speeches. And some of those speeches were probably pretty good. But speeches don't put food on the table. Speeches don't fill up your tank, or fill your prescription or do anything about that stack of bills that keeps you up at night."

Senator Clinton's new stump speech was a one-size-fits-all bag of attacks on Senator Obama. She talked about his dealings with a nuclear lobbying company, his health care plan, and his economic stimulus ideas. Clinton said she was "glad" to see that Obama unveiled an economic plan yesterday, but the former First Lady said it was eerily reminiscent of her economic plan. "I was, however, glad to see that yesterday, my opponent adopted the goal of five million green collar jobs – months after I announced I would create five million green collar jobs…Now, if only he would just copy my health care plan and provide coverage for every single American!" Clinton said to loud applause.

She continues to hammer away on the point that she is the candidate who can bring solutions saying it's a choice between "speeches versus solutions, talk versus action."

Clinton, who stood at the center of the plant as cars on conveyer belts whizzed by overhead, said that she measures her life on progress, "not by applause or headlines – but by whether I am helping people."