Specter Wins Environmental Comeback Award

A Teddy Roosevelt—inspired GOP environmental group, Republicans for Environmental Protection, today released its third annual Congressional Scorecard.

A few of the usual green suspects scored high marks from REP. Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) and Reps. Dave Reichert (Wash.) and Chris Shays (Conn.) earned extra credit, earning the superlative "Greenest Republican in Congress”. The Crypt wonders, though, how all three can the Greenest.

Digging deeper, it turns out that Collins scored a 104 compared to her House colleagues’ 103s. In tune with an “everybody’s special” attitude, the REP ruled it a tie because Collins had an extra vote in the Senate to pad her score.

The group also gave out “most improved” awards. Rep. Frank Wolf (Va.) took it in the House, jumping from 42 in ’06 to a 93 in ’07. Sen. Arlen Specter (Penn.) did even better. He was given a big fat Spotted Owl egg in '06 but rose to a 64 last year.

The full scorecard is here.