Spectacular lava flows caught on tape

For nearly 30 years, visitors to the big island of Hawaii have been treated to an incredible lava show.

The Kilauea volcano has been erupting steadily, and stunningly, since 1983. Mick Kalber, a videographer who lives in the shadow of the volcano, has documented nearly three decades of the natural spectacular.

When asked if the lava show ever gets routine, Kalber said from his home in Hilo, Hawaii, "Not for me. It's become my life. I never expected that, but it's become my life and I love every minute of it."

The passion isn't without its risks, however: The Plexiglas on the helicopter Kalber takes to film the eruptions can bubble up from the heat given off from the 2,000-degree lava.

"(The lava) has to stay that hot in order to flow," Kalber explained. "It can be uncomfortably warm from time to time, but I like getting close."

The volcano's activity has remained constant. "They say the best prediction of tomorrow's volcano is today's. So this thing could go on and on," Kalber said.

If you're thinking of heading to Hawaii to see some volcanic activity, Kalber suggests a helicopter ride.

"If you come to the big island, you have a very good chance of seeing active lava," Kalber said. "At the moment there is no lava accessible by foot, but if you go up in helicopter, you can get a great view, a spectacular view."

To see Kalber's amazing volcano footage, click on the video above.