Special: '35 Years And 60 Minutes'

The Best Moments And Most Unforgettable Characters

"Good evening. This is 60 Minutes. It's kind of a magazine for television."
-- Harry Reasoner

That's how it all began, 35 years ago.

Here's a celebration of those 35 years with a parade of presidents and potentates, kings and crooks, the famous and infamous, the colorful and contemptible, the divas, deadbeats, con men and comics.

From the loveable likes of Katharine Hepburn and Tom Hanks, to the loathsome lowlifes Manuel Noriega and the Shah of Iran, to cultural icons like Jerry Seinfeld, Clint Eastwood, Jackie Gleason and the Rolling Stones, "35 Years And 60 Minutes" represents decades of the delectable and the detestable.

The special moments and unforgettable people who helped make 60 Minutes the longest running, most successful primetime broadcast in history are featured in this 35th anniversary special, that first aired on May 18, 2003.

60 Minutes looks back at those who had a lot to say.

Richard Nixon: "I hope to restore respect to the Presidency."

And some people who didn't want to speak at all. They'll also visit with people who have warmed our hearts.

Cartoonist Charles Schultz: "All my fears, my anxieties, my joys...go into that strip."

And others who chilled our spines.

Timothy McVeigh: "Am I pure evil? Am I the face of terror sitting here in front of you?"

60 Minutes also shows you how they unintentionally scared the living daylights out of a soon-to-be first lady Hillary Clinton.

And the question Jerry Seinfeld says he was too embarrassed to answer: "I'm not talking about being sexually immature on 60 Minutes."

And of course, 60 Minutes will spend some time with some of the people who kept us entertained throughout these 35 years.

Nicole Kidman: "I would love to be swept off my feet."

Betty Davis: "I'd love to kiss you but I just washed my hair. My favorite line in any movie I ever made."

Tom Hanks, speaking to Steve Kroft about his faults: "Oh yeah I'm going to tell you? I made a comprehensive list of them. Thank goodness I'm on 60 Minutes now so I can finally get them off my chest."

Here are some of our shining moments, and some of our biggest blunders. And a brief look at how others see us.

Take a look inside our special anniversary edition – "35 Years And 60 Minutes."

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