"Sparkle Poi" video is a visual feast of fire spinning (and danger)

(CBS) - First off, do not try this at home (or just about anywhere for that matter)!

So back in my day (the good old '00s) a really hip, cool thing to do was "spinning fire." It involved some lit ball of flame at the end of a chain that was spinning and was just a visually stunning sight to see.

These days it seems that ante has been significantly upped with "sparkle poi" (or a number of variations on the term). Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

So it's kind of like "spinning fire", but with a much more intense element at the end of the chain. Some variations, like this New Year's celebration, even involve fireworks. It definitely does not look safe at all, but I can't help but say this video is simply amazing to watch.  It's probably also amazing that no one was hurt during the filming of it, too...