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Southwest Flight 1250 makes emergency landing in San Jose, authorities say

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A Southwest Airlines jet made an emergency landing after reports that a passenger lit up a marijuana cigarette in a bathroom, says CBS Los Angeles. Southwest says Flight 1250 from San Francisco to Los Angeles was diverted Wednesday afternoon.

The plane landed safely at San Jose Mineta International Airport, about 50 miles south of San Francisco.

The airline says the passenger accused of smoking was turned over to law enforcement.

The remaining 32 passengers were placed on other aircraft to continue their trips.

Passengers reported smelling smoke, and one said he smelled marijuana.

"It looked like that someone needed to smoke a joint on a plane, and he went into the bathroom, smoked his blunt, and set off the fire alarm," passenger Jonathan Burkes said.

The flight later completed its trip, landing in Burbank.

Smoking on an airplane is illegal and could lead to criminal charges. Southwest later confirmed the customer in question was turned over to local authorities.

No one was injured and no flights were delayed at the airport because of the emergency landing, officials said.

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