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South Park's "Jersey Shore" Mashup: It's A Jersey Thing (VIDEO)

A clip from South Park spoofing Jersey Shore's Snooki. (South Park Studios)

NEW YORK (CBS) The pop culture phenomenon "Jersey Shore" invaded "South Park" on Wednesday night .

The show's  creators skewered  not only the  MTV breakout hit  about the  shore, but also Bravo's "Real Housewives of  New Jersey and almost every Jersey stereotype around.

In the utterly bizarre episode,  Kyle Broflovski learns a terrible truth - his  mother  is from New Jersey and  he is a little bit "Jersey."

As New Jersey's border dangerously encroaches on Colorado's, the "Jerseyites" fist-pump their way into town, with what appears to be Pauly D and The Situation (gelled hair, cross tattoos and a "TS" belt buckle make the likenesses seem probable) leading the charge .

If that premise isn't strange enough, there's also this "Gremlins"-style parody of Snooki and a scene in which South Park fends off an invasion of New Jerseyans with the help of Osama bin Laden.

Watch "Jersey Shore" Get Spoofed on "South Park":