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Sorting Out Hair Styling Products

With a dizzying array of hair-styling products to choose from, especially when it comes to items beyond the usual hair spray, it's no easy task figuring out what works best for each type or style of hair.

To help distinguish what some of these styling products can actually do, The Early Show enlisted celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger, who's worked with celebs such as Meg Ryan, Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Hershberger showed co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez how to change the look of her short, layered hair using some of these styling agents:

Product: Style Primer
What it Does: Prepares the hair for styling and boosts the performance of other styling products; for all hair types and looks

Product: Texturizer
What it Does: Shapes and separates hair to create definition

Product: Balm
What it Does: Smooths fly-aways

Product: Light Hairspray
What it Does: Provides weightless, natural hold to your finished look, but without the stickiness

Product: Gel
What it Does: Provides natural hold and some humidity resistance

Product: Shine Spray
What it Does: Adds sheen and luminosity to hair

Product: Shagg Spray
What it Does: Adds texture to layered hair for a tousled look

Hershberger explained to Rodriguez how to make her hair look best for the weekend, in the office, for a formal evening, and a night out.

Hershberger also demonstrated how to style straight hair:

Give Straight Hair a Shagg Look:

Straight hair doesn't have to just lie there. It's easy to make long, straight hair go from flat to sexy, instantly . Spray in a texturizing spray (such as Shagg Spray) to add movement and volume to the hair. Blast with a blow dryer for a few seconds to help break up the hair into messy pieces. This brings the hair to life quickly and easily by separating strands and giving a natural, tousled look.

Power-Up Flat Hair for a Full Look:

Hair doesn't just have to lie flat on your head; it's easy to add some style to your everyday look without adding a lot of time to your morning routine. An easy way to add volume and power-up limp hair is with Volumizing/Lifting sprays. Spray at the roots (it can be applied on damp or dry hair), then blast for a few seconds with a blow dryer and a round brush. It creates a modern, fun, sexy look instantly.

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