'Sopranos' Star In Scooter Mishap

"Sopranos" actor James Gandolfini took a tumble after his motor scooter collided with a taxi, but apparently escaped unscathed.

"James Gandolfini is fine, and his scooter is in the repair shop," HBO spokeswoman Angela Tarantino said Thursday.

Gandolfini, who plays mob boss Tony Soprano on the hit HBO series, was motoring along a street in lower Manhattan Wednesday when the accident happened.

Gandolfini left the scene in another taxi and arranged for his crippled Italian scooter to be picked up and to be fixed.

Gandolfini's character in the Emmy-winning series is still recovering from a gun shot wound to the abdomen. The sixth season began March 12. The final eight episodes of the series will begin in early 2007.

On April 30 the actor attended the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new film "Lonely Hearts." He plays a detective who, along with costar John Travolta, is on the trail of the Lonely Hearts killers of 1949.