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Soothing a Crying Baby

Nothing can be more upsetting than a crying baby, especially if you are a new parent. Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby, explains the Five S's of soothing an upset baby.

The first S is to swaddle. Even if you feel as if you're putting your baby in a straight jacket, that cozy cocoon will prevent the baby's limbs from twitching and help him nod off.

The child might also feel comforted by side lying. Before birth, your baby spent most of his time on his side in the fetal position. You should carry him the same way when he is crying as well as using the football hold as you nurse.

Shushing is very soothing for a newborn. The "shh" sound mimics the whoosing noise that surrounded him in the womb. You can make the sound yourself or use a radio tuned to static. An iPhone app can help too. Try using the White Noise or Ambiance 2.0 applications.

Swinging is another tactic. Fast, rhythmic movement like rocking or jiggling might remind your little screamer of the carefree days he spent bouncing around inside you. The more agitated the baby, the more vigorous the motion should be.

And finally, Sucking on a finger or a pacifier. For a baby, sucking is the equivalent to what lying on a warm beach is for adults. After calming your baby first with the other S's, sucking will bring him to total relaxation.

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by Jenn Eaker and Erika Wortham