Songwriter Tunes Up A Spicy Theme Song, 'Oye Hillary,' For Hillary Clinton

Sorry, Celine Dion fans, but there weren't a lot of people crying inside or outside the Hillary Clinton campaign when the Democrat dumped the singer's "You and I" as her presidential theme tune after a short run. Yes, fans supposedly chose it in a Clinton online contest, but it was a loser from the start. Well, as it turns out, the effort to find a unique theme song didn't have to go sour. That's because a California group of backers, Latinas for Hillary, had a catchy tune, "Oye Hillary," written and recorded for her, and now it's going national as "Hey Hey Hillary". Songwriter Lynne Revo-Cohen of I Will Productions LLC tells us that after Clinton nose-dived in the Iowa caucus, she got a call from pal and Latinas for Hillary head Annette Rodrigues, who asked for a spicy song that could be used in California to rev up the Latino vote for the New York senator. What Revo-Cohen delivered is a huge crowd pleaser that has been used at Clinton events and fundraisers. "It's a pep-up-the-crowd song," she tells us. She took it to Texas where it found airtime, and now she's planning trips to Pennsylvania, the next state to vote in the Democratic primaries. While it was first written for the Latin voting bloc, Revo-Cohen says, "the lyrics can be equally effective in a generic way." It's not the official Clinton song--yet--but we hear that the Clintons like it and that both Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton have a copy. And it's certainly better than the first choice of Dion's tune. "It wasn't even about Hillary," Revo-Cohen says of "You and I." As you can see from some of the lyrics, this one is:

Hey Hey Hill Intro

Hey (clap clap) hey (clap clap) hey hey Hill,

I'm gonna vote (clap clap) for you (clap clap), you know I will.


Hey, hey, hey, will you vote for Hill?

Let me hear you say I will.


We're ready for change, we've got a choice.

She's ready to lead, so hear our voice.

She's knows the score, she'll know what to do.

Stand for her, and she'll stand for you.

She's got the fire, she's got the heat.

We've got the power beneath our feet.

Make no mistake, it's our intent

Hillary will be our next president.


Hey hey hey, will you vote for Hill?

Let me hear you say I will.

By Paul Bedard