Song premiere: Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory goes solo with "Dreamer"

Skeleton Farm Records

With electro-pop duo Ghostland Observatory on hiatus, frontman Aaron Behrens has decided to strike out on his own.

Over the past year, Behrens spent time writing and recording new music with a team of Austin, Texas, musicians. Those soulful rock sessions turned into the debut of his new solo group, The Midnight Stroll, and an upcoming EP, due out Sept. 16.

And we have an exclusive sneak peek of one of the EP's standout tracks, "Dreamer."

"'Dreamer' was one of those tunes that just falls in your lap," Behrens told CBS News. "I was on the keyboards and I fell into the structure while playing around with blues tuning that guys like Keith Richards use. I love the lyrics because while it may be a party song, at the same time they're asking you, 'Are you going to stay in the clouds all day or are you going to come down and make something real out of these dreams?' So yeah, I love where this song went, and I love having an energized rocker like this on the EP. I don't know why, but what I see in my mind when this song plays is girls jumping around in their bras and blue jeans. Maybe it's prophecy or maybe I'm just a dreamer, but either way this song is a fun rocker."

Over the past few months, The Midnight Stroll has played a handful of shows, including a performance at SXSW. Fans can expect to see Behrens on the road from September through November this year. Check out tour dates here and give "Dreamer" a first listen above.