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Something's fishy: Four stolen cars pulled from Alabama lake

CENTRE, Ala. - A man looking for fish found a big one -- actually several "big ones" -- in a northeastern Alabama lake.

A stolen pickup truck pulled from Weiss Lake on July 13, 2015. Cherokee County, Alabama Sheriff's Office

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver tells the Gadsden Times that four stolen vehicles were removed from Weiss Lake on Monday after the fisherman spotted something odd on his boat's sonar.

The fisherman called the sheriff's office when he detected something "fishy" on sonar, according to a press release.

Sheriff Shaver says the man said, "I'm 98 percent sure I'm looking at a pickup truck."

He sent a picture and the lines of the truck bed were visible underwater.

The sheriff says the recovered vehicles were stolen in 2012 and 2013.

He says the fisherman had been told the public boat ramp in the Bay Springs area of the lake was a good place to drop a line.

As fish stories go, it's a pretty good one.

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