Something Wild


We have forever been fascinated with wild animals. 48 Hours examines this powerful allure, reporting on several animals whose skills and abilities will surprise you.

Hollywood Grins And Bears It: Tank the Bear may look mean, but it's just an act - a good act. Performing in Hollywood films, he earns $5,000 a day. Correspondent Harold Dow profiles an unusual star.

Strange But True Animal Videos
What does a waterskiing squirrel look like? Check out these wacky animal videos.

Swimming With Trouble: Dolphins have a reputation as gentle, friendly creatures. But new research indicates that they may also be stone-cold killers. Troy Roberts reports.

AIBO, The Digital Wonder Dog: Peter Van Sant takes a cutting-edge robot dog on a walk in New York's Central Park. How does AIBO stack up against his flesh-and-blood relatives?

Secret Language Of Elephants: Susan Spencer interviews a biologist who is trying to decode elephant communication that's barely audible to human ears.

A Web Of Creatures
Find out more about bears, parrots, dolphins, dysfunctional dogs, and a who hots of other creatures. Check out these Web links.
Dealing With Dog Anxiety: What do modern pet owners do with a disturbed Dalmation or a jumpy German shepherd? These days, they're calling in the pet psychologist. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Learning Is For The Birds: When it comes to intelligence, birds get a bad rap. As Bill Lagattuta discovers, they'r actually very bright. "Birdbrain" takes on a whole new meaning.

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