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Something To Nibble On While You Wait…

I know, fellow political and news junkies – it's a tough day. All this waiting. I just got an instant message from a friend demanding exit poll results. ("I must have exit polls! I am going crazy!") While I won't be providing those – and no, I don't have them, so stop asking – I can at least pass along one small bit of distraction to help you make it through the day. Via the Editor's Weblog, we have a chart from the News-Record in Greensboro, North Carolina explaining the difference between "How the Editor thinks the Newsroom Works" and "How the newsroom really works." The latter includes such activities as "Surf YouTube," "Bitch about blogs," "Flirt with new staffer" and – I'm sure some of our commenters will love this – "Insert the day's bias." Anyway, have a look, have a chuckle, and sit tight. We're almost there.
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