Comedy duo Key & Peele share "Something in Common"

"CBS This Morning" debuts a new series Thursday, called "Something in Common." Two people with a bond get together for a conversation.

The comedy team Key & Peele starts things off. The pair said goodbye last fall to its popular sketch comedy show. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's" first feature movie, "Keanu," is about a kitten stolen by gang members. They talk about that and more as they share "Something In Common."

Peele: Wrong seat.

Key: Oh I sit here?

Peele: Yeah.

Key: We're on our way.

Peele: Alright.

Key: Jordan Peele, welcome to "Something in Common."

Peele: Keegan-Michael Key, welcome to "Something in Common."

Key: Thank you, sir. Thank you for allowing me to interview you today.

What's next for Key and Peele?

Peele: And thank you, sir. It's been my honor to be given the opportunity to interview you.

Key: Now - now that our movie's about to be released - our movie, "Keanu" - are you nervous about what the response will be to the film?

Peele: You know what? No.

Key: You're not nervous?

Peele: I'm not. I've seen the movie in an audience, in a theater with an audience. They go berserk.

Key: And would--let me ask, if I may...

Peele: A follow-up, yeah.

Key: Would you say that - would you say that "berserk" is what we were going for?

Peele: I think... there was always an element of berserkishness.

Key: Berserkishness or berserkitude, as one might say?

Peele: That we were looking for from the audience. And many more and we might have berserkosity breakdown.

Peele: Of the seven Keanu kittens, which was your favorite?

Key: I was afraid about this question. I was afraid that you might ask this. I would have to go with the kitten who was named Clementine. Sweet...

Peele: Oh, sweet cat.

Key: She would look in my eyes, deep into my soul. I have to give Clementine all the credit. She pulled that performance, pulled that performance out of me. So now, may I do a mirror question?

Key: A bounce-back, if you will? Your favorite kitten?

Peele: My favorite kitten was Clementine as well.

Key: I see. Touché.

Peele: Well...

Key: And Pas de bourrée.

Peele: And enchanté.

Key: And beret. (Laughs).

Peele: My question to you-- What is the worst part about working with me?

Key: The worst thing about working with you is that I have to...

Peele: Be honest.

Key: I'm going to be honest. It's having to watch your utter perfection every day and being completely intimidated by it. You're not buying that answer?

Peele: You told the truth.

Key: I did tell the truth. Thank God.

Peele: And I respect that.

Key: So are you buying that answer?

Peele: Yeah.

Key: Good... So my turn. Jordan, what new impressions are you working on?

Peele: New impressions? Wow. That's a good question. I've been doing new... impression recently called "Out-of-work Obama."

Key: "Out-of-work Obama?"

Peele: Yeah.

Key: May I hear a sampling?

Peele: Yeah. It's just, just really wish I had something to do.

Key: Oh, that's good. I've not heard you do Obama in that timbre before, that frustrated timbre.

Peele: I'm just - I'm just a little frustrated.

Key: And his work, his out-of-work life, what is he doing to keep busy? Or is he just going a little stir crazy?

Key: Do you find any time to play basketball, sir?

Peele: Oh, yeah, play a little bit of ball... the old guys, haven't seen them in a while. Play some ball, play some golf, still suck at that.

Key: It's a good impression. I like that.

Peele: Thank you. Do you find yourself still coming up with sketches for Key & Peele?

Key: The answer to your question is no, no, never again. The program is dead to me. One can only move forward creatively, artistically. Bounce-back? Mirror?

Peele: Keep coming up with ideas, man.

Key: You do?

Peele: Yeah. I just - I keep - left you a lot of messages.

Key: Well, this seems like the right time to go into the lightning round.

Peele: This is the only time to go in the lightning round. I'll say a word, you say the first thing that comes to your mind. Biracial.

Key: Pencil.

Peele: Hillary.

Key: Pencil.

Peele: I don't know if you're getting this game.

Key: No, I got it. I'm doing it.

Peele: It's really, the first thing that comes to your mind, but you can - could be the second pick...

Key: Alright, okay. I got you. I'll do the second thing.

Peele; Okay. Gayle King.

Key: Yornican. Unicorn. (Laughs)

Peele: You said yornican?

Key: Yes, yornican. It's a mythical beast from the land of Narnia that was cut out of all the C.S. Lewis books. George Michael.

Peele: 'Cause you gotta have faith. I gotta have faith.

Key: Cosby

Peele: Stills and Nash.

Key: Key.

Peele: Lock.

Key: And last but 100 percent not least, Denzel Washington.

Peele: Yorican - what was it?

Key: Yornican.

Peele: Yornican.

Key: A yornican is the winged version of a yarnican. Jordan Peele, it has been my utter pleasure.

Peele: Keegan-Michael Key, thank you.