Some great new music to kick off your weekend

(CBS News) It's Friday, which means music here at The Feed. And while I'll occasionally break down and put up some music on other days (I really love music, what can I say?) this is the day you know you can come here and get some new tunes to get your weekend started right. So to kick things off we've got the brand-new music video for The Black Keys' "Gold On The Ceiling". Look, listen, love. 

Okay, so I'll be honest.  I'm not completely sure I totally "get" the video.  I mean, I understand there were pairs of twins (one big, one little) walking around in strange outfits and... Does anyone want to try and explain it to me?  But I do love the song and am a huge fan of the band either way. So, yeah.

Our next music video, however, is totally amazing in terms of the song, the visuals and way it was created. No explanation needed or confusion afterwards, I promise.  Check out j.viewz' music video for "rivers and homes" below and watch what happens starting at about 56 seconds into it.

What's really phenomenal about this video is that there were no "tricks" used, just good old fashioned crowd-sourcing and stop-motion photography. As the band writes about it:

2000 photos, 300 fans (no computer fakery..)

All in all, some music that should help get you ready for the weekend (with possibly more to come today here at The Feed). To check out more music from The Black Keys click here and more music from j.viewz click here.