Some fun with soda, slow motion and ice cubes

(CBS News) Possibly in an attempt to make up for time lost yesterday due to illness, I've got a great double-dose of fun for you that has everything in it! (Well, if "everything" involves soda and beverage accessories of the sweeter persuasion.) Starting us off, one of our favorite creators of slow-motion insanity are at it again with a bit of a fizzy experiment above. Take a look above.

The wickedly sweet, soda pop explosion caught-on-camera clip comes courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys (though, technically only "Guy" this time around), who have been featured numerous times on The Feed in the past, and who write about their (err, his) latest creation:

Gav ruins some perfectly good beverages with a crossbow IN SUPER SLOW MOTION!

Another another excellent demonstration that would make William Tell proud! (We're also missing both Dan and the hair, Gav!) And while there may not be any soda involved in our next one, there is an array of "61 Coca-Cola glasses" and a whole lot of ice cubes in a display of timing and skill from YouTube user Erlend Simonsen. Display of what, exactly? Hit play to find out...