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Some Colleges Using H1N1 Isolation Dorms

Those no-shows in class may not be campus slackers.

CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reported on "The Early Show" Thursday the missing college kids could be sick with H1N1.

Of 165 colleges surveyed by the American College Health Association, 55 percent reported cases of the virus. That's 1,640 students in all, which translates to eight sick people for every 10,000 students. The survey showed the Southeast and far Northwest states as the hardest hit.

Some colleges, such as Emory University in Atlanta, are trying to keep the number of cases down by setting up isolation dorms for students with the virus.

Jeffrey Simpson, a freshman at Emory University, said he checked himself into one to avoid infecting fellow students. "I didn't want to get my friends sick, which was just as important as getting myself healthy," he says.

Dr. Michael Huey, Emory University's student health director, said three days before classes started, the school had its first reported case.

The Emory dorm has 100 single rooms for sick students to rest and recover. Students check in on a voluntary basis. Emory is now one of at least six campuses with isolation dorms for flu cases.

Three Emory University students appeared on "The Early Show" from the isolation dorm at the university. Sophomore Dan Tapiero and freshmen Phil Mustert and Colin Davis shared their thoughts on coming down with H1N1 on the broadcast.

Tapiero said the flu seems to be hitting the freshmen the hardest. He said that's probably because freshmen are living in close quarters and are socializing a lot more than other students because they're trying to get to know each other.

To watch more of the interview with the Emory students, click on the video below.

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