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Somali Militants Reject Government Islamic Law Agreement

(Al-Arabiya website)
The leader of the Somali militant group Shabab al Mujahdieen Sheikh Mukhtaar Abu Zubayr rejected the government's plan to implement Islamic law in the country and pledged to continue to fight till it is implemented not only in Somalia, but throughout the whole world.

"We shall continue our fight and the wars shall continue to rage until shari'a is implemented in all continents and until Muslims free Jerusalem," Mukhtar Abu Zubayr said. He also pledged to continue working on removing Shaikh Ahmad's government which does not deserve to be called "Islamic," according to him.

Abu Zubayr's statements came in a 10-minute audiotape distributed by Shabab al Mujahideen and aired on local radio stations in Somalia.

Shabab al Mujahideen claimed in an Internet statement two days ago they were close to taking full control of the capital Mogadishu. On one of the group's websites, it showed pictures of government soldiers captured by the militants. A caption accompanying a picture read, "Sharif is left with a bunch of criminals and a few tired old men to fight for him, how can he hope to defeat the mujahideen of Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam?"