Solona Islam, Little Rock teacher, resigns after prostitution bust comes out

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(KTHV/CBS) LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Solona Islam, a Little Rock school teacher, resigned after the Little Rock School District put her on paid administrative leave when they learned she pleaded guilty to prostitution in 2010.

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Police say the teacher at  McClellan High School posed as an escort on a website, charging $200 for a date. According to a police report from October 2010, Islam told undercover officers she would engage in sexual activities for money, reports CBS affiliate KTHV.

"I decided at the tail end of it when he offered the sex for extra money to do it," Islam told the station.

According to Fox News, she was arrested on a misdemeanor prostitution charge and a charge of operating a business without a license. The network says Islam received a 90-day suspended sentence and that the school district was not notified because the charges were not felonies.

The five-year math teacher says she had fallen on tough times dealing with lawsuits and bankruptcy and had just lost her part-time job.

"When you look at your check and it's only $600 and you know your rent is $700, and the light bill is coming up and your child needs daycare paid. It was a point of desperation," Islam told the KTHV.

A letter was sent Friday from school administrators to parents, calling this a crisis that will not affect the school or its staff in providing a quality education to students.

Tiffany Hoffman of the Little Rock School District says Islam broke policy by not reporting the conviction.

"If we model bad decision-making as teachers, we cannot expect those students to also themselves to not make bad decisions," says Hoffman.