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Social media calls for Schumer, Lawrence to host next year's Globes

When Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence took the stage to promote each other's films "Joy" and "Trainwreck" at the Golden Globe Awards, social media lit up with calls for the duo to host the awards show next year.

Not to be beat out after Lawrence introduced herself by her Hollywood nickname, "J. Law," Schumer dubbed herself "A. Schu." It snowballed into profanity-laced speculation over celebrity couple names before Schumer told an audience member to "turn off your phone" and Lawrence warned another to "stop taking pictures."

But "in all seriousness," they said, they were "thrilled" to be onstage together -- and Schumer was quick to riff off of why the pair seems to be so relatable to fans.

"'Everybody likes them and wants to hang out with them and they seem so fun to be around and they should be models,'" Schumer said in third person to laughs.

Twitter users petitioned for the BFF's to host next year's Golden Globes. Tell us -- do you think they should host?

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